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      Mission Beach San Diego Real Estate Spotlight


      This Mission Beach San Diego real estate spotlight on a popular beach community.

      Mission Beach, part of the city of San Diego, sits on a sandbar between Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean.


      Mission Beach San Diego History


      The San Diego Union-Tribune summed up the history of Mission Beach in an article published in 2019.

      In 1914, real estate entrepreneur George L. Barney and a syndicate led by sugar magnate John D. Spreckels filed plans to subdivide the area. Only a sandbar nestled between the ocean and the bay with narrow lots became a hard sell.

      In the early 1920s, a concrete sea wall fortified the sandbar. Spreckels built the Mission Beach Amusement Center in 1925. Later named Belmont Park, its Giant Dipper roller coast at 2,600 feet long became its centerpiece. Its purpose to bring people to this upcoming seaside community to hopefully buy lots and build homes.

      Also, its boardwalk remains, creating one of San Diego’s most colorful features with its community expanding into one of the most densely populated neighbors in the city.

      It’s named after the “Mission San Diego de Alcalá”. Sitting on a beach sandbar completes its name. Mission Beach one of the last beach community built in San Diego.


      Mission Beach San Diego Real Estate Spotlight boardwalk


      Mission Beach San Diego Overview


      The San Diego Organization describes Mission Beach as:

      San Diego’s Mission Beach takes a classic boardwalk beach town to a higher level. Extending almost two miles of oceanfront boardwalk.

      Includes the popular Belmont Park, many beach rental equipment shops, and a boardwalk amusement park highlighting a 1925 Giant Dipper Roller Coaster.

      Also, featuring an arcade, rock climbing, bumper cars, and miniature golf activities. Plus, the Beach House Grill to enjoy fresh seafood and burgers in a 30,000 square foot outdoor venue.

      The whole family enjoys:

      • Sunbathing;
      • Swimming;
      • Whale watching;
      • Scuba diving;
      • Sportfishing;
      • Surfing;
      • Kiteboarding;
      • Boogie boarding;
      • Beach volleyball; and
      • Biking.


      Mission Beach San Diego Real Estate Market 2019


      Trulia claims that Mission Beach in 2019 real estate market trends of a decrease in median home sales of $155,000 (-12%) since last year. Also, the average price per square foot fell from $1,159 to $842 during the same period.

      Trulia provides this chart:

      No. Bedrooms?????? May 1 – Jul 31?????? y-o-y????? 3 months prior????? 1 year prior

      1 Bedroom???????????????? $535,000????????????? -23.4%???? ???? $1,265,000 ? ? ? ? ? $698,500

      2 Bedroom???????????????? $1,040,000??? ?????? -16.8%???? ???? $1,075,000 ? ? ? ? ? $1,250,000

      3 Bedroom???????????????? $1,230,000 ? ? ? ?? -13.7%?????? ??? $1,550,000 ? ? ? ? ? $1,425,000

      4 Bedroom???????????????? $1,599,000

      All Properties ? ? ? ? ? ? $1,145,000 ? ? ? ?? -11.9%?????? ??? $1,400,000 ? ? ? ?? $1,300,000


      Thus, Trulia shows a “Buyer’s Market” in Mission Beach for 2019.


      Zillow provides this information about the Mission Beach real estate market trends in 2019:

      • Median Price for Current Home Listings = $1,275,000;
      • The Median List Price per Square Foot = $1,130;
      • Median Home Value = $1,222,200; and
      • Home Values Declined over the past year by -2.6%.

      Note: Zillow claims that current listings over-priced by almost $53,000. This indicates a “Buyer’s Market” good for buyers.


      Realtor claims that Mission Beach real estate market trends for 2019 show a popular neighborhood with Median Home Value of $1,450,000. Also, in July 2019 Mission Beach as a buyer’s market because more homes listed for sale than buyers.


      Got Questions?

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      Mission Beach Things To Do


      Belmont Park located at the intersection of West Mission Bay Drive and Mission Boulevard for amusement rides, renting bikes, playing games, and eating.

      Ride the 73 foot tall Giant Dipper roller coast and scream to your heart’s delight.

      Mission Beach Boardwalk for people-watching, roller-skating, and eating ice cream.

      Bahia Belle, a Mississippi turn of the century style sternwheeler to cruise Mission Bay.

      Mission Bay just a short distance away offering the largest aquatic park with playground, grassy parks, picnic tables, and paved sidewalks for miles.

      SeaWorld situated on 200 acres offers these attractions:

      • Animal encounters;
      • Amazing shows like playful dolphins during their Dolphin Days show; and
      • Thrilling rides like their Manta roller coaster.


      xMission Beach San Diego Real Estate Spotlight boardwalk activities


      Mission Beach for beach activities like:

      • Sunbathing;
      • Surfing;
      • Bicycling;
      • Horseshoes:
      • Skateboarding;
      • Frisbee tossing;
      • Beach volleyball;
      • Basketball courts; and other
      • Outdoor activities.

      Plenty of lifeguards and bathrooms lining Mission Beach.

      Santa Clara Recreation Center a waterside recreation complex on the bayside of Mission Beach.

      Mission Bay Sports Center to rent all kinds of water sports equipment.

      Mariner’s Point offers a huge sandy peninsula near Bonita Cove.

      South Mission Beach offering a quieter setting and slower pace from the bustle of Belmont Park. Go south as the beach widens with room to layout on the sand or play beach volleyball.

      South Mission Beach Park for fishing off the jetty at the end of the road. Also, watching boats passing through the Harbor Channel. A half-mile away are several shipwrecks creating an artificial reef where diver’s love to explore underwater.

      Trip Advisor rates Mission Beach with 4.5 Stars (out of 5 Stars) from 1,987 reviews for “Family Vacation at the Beach”.


      Mission Beach Restaurants


      Trip Advisor recommends these Mission Beach restaurants:

      Olive Cafe rated 4.5 Stars from 239 reviews, especially for their breakfasts.

      The Mission Restaurant rates 4.5 Stars from 552 reviews for their “great” breakfasts.

      Cannonball gets 4.5 Stars from 188 reviews for their Japanese cuisine.

      Sandbar Sports Bar and Grill received 4.5 Stars from 211 reviews for their typical American pub food, especially their BAM burger and tots.

      The Truckstop earning 4.5 Stars from 56 reviews for their American food, especially their breakfasts.

      Mizu got 4.5 Stars from 98 reviews for their Japanese and sushi meals.

      Cannibal Bar receiving 4.5 Stars from 29 reviews for their typical American bar food.

      Luigi’s at the Beach earned 4 Stars from 305 reviews for their Italian food, especially their lasagna and grilled salmon salad.

      Roberto’s received 4 Stars from 91 reviews for their Mexican cuisine and their “gigantic” fish tacos.

      Kojack’s Restaurant earning 4 Stars from 44 reviews for their traditional Greek food.


      Mission Beach Schools


      The Niche website recommends these Mission Beach and nearby schools:

      Barnard Elementary School got a grade A for this public school teaching grades K-6 with around 436 students and a Student-Teacher Ratio of 22:1.

      Kavod Elementary Charter School earned a grade A- teaching grades K-5 with around 150 students and a Student-Teacher Ratio of 13:1.

      Museum earning a grade A- teaching grades K-8 with around 227 students and a Student-Teacher Ratio of 17:1.

      Old Town Academy K-8 Charter School received a grade A- teaching grades K-8 with around 256 students and a Student-Teacher Ratio of 23:1.

      Pacific Beach Elementary School earning a grade A- for teaching grades K-5 with around 390 students and a Student-Teacher Ratio of 24:1.

      The O’Farrell Charter School with a grade A- teaching grades K-12 with around 1,690 students and a Student-Teacher Ratio of 22:1.

      Longfellow K-8 received a grade A- teaching grades K-8 with around 800 students and a Student-Teacher Ratio of 25:1.




      Our Mission Beach San Diego real estate spotlight shows a popular beach community in a “Buyer’s Market” trend for 2019.

      One of San Diego’s most popular beach areas with over 2-miles of the oceanfront boardwalk. Besides all the fun sun and beach activities, Mission Beach offers Belmont Park and nearby SeaWorld.

      Mission Beach boasts seven 4.5 Star restaurants for delicious breakfasts, Japanese, and American pub foods.

      The schools in and near Mission Beach offer an A ranked elementary school along with six schools ranked A-.

      Contact Us to speak with one of our Realtors. Find out the many benefits living in Mission Beach offers you and your family and which homes for sale fit your needs.

      Steven Rich, MBA – Guest Blogger


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