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      Our City of San Diego real estate spotlight features a bustling city.?


      City of San Diego Real Estate Spotlight Location


      Located in San Diego County, the City of San Diego sits on the Pacific Ocean coast about 120 miles south of Los Angeles. It’s also the last major California city before reaching the U.S. – Mexico border.


      City of San Diego Facts


      San Diego, a Spanish term for “Saint Didacus”, a Franciscan lay brother who became a saint.

      With over 1.4 million residents, it’s the second-largest in California and eighth-largest city in the U.S. according to July 2017 population estimates.?

      Best known for its warm weather, natural deep-water harbor, extensive beaches, and the U.S. Navy presence.



      San Diego History


      Known as the “birthplace of California” discovered by Spanish explorer, Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, in 1542. Cabrillo claimed the San Diego Bay area for Spain.

      By 1821, San Diego became part of the Mexican Empire. In 1848, San Diego became part of the California territory after the Mexican-American War and became a state in 1850.

      Before the arrival of the Europeans, San Diego’s original inhabitants included the La Jolla and San Dieguito people, descendants of the Kumeyaay people.


      City of San Diego Real Estate Spotlight


      San Diego Geography


      San Diego lies upon 200 deep canyons and hills with small areas of natural open space providing hilly geography. Mesas between the hills and canyons ideal for homes and businesses built throughout San Diego.

      The east-west running San Diego River cuts through the middle of San Diego establishing a river valley which divides San Diego City into north and southern segments.

      Reservoirs and the Mission Trails Regional Park lie between and separating the city’s developed areas.

      The three most notable mountains within San Diego’s city limits include:


      City of San Diego Demographics


      The U.S. 2010 Census set San Diego’s population at 1,307,400.

      The estimate for 2018 sets the population at 1,425,977.


      San Diego Real Estate Market Trends 2019


      The San Diego Tribune predicted in June of 2019 that San Diego experiences a “gradual cooling of the housing market”. Home sales for June became the lowest for the past eight years.

      The Fortune Builders (a real estate education company) site forecasts these trends:

      • An inventory shortage driving up home values into 2020;
      • San Diego real estate investments, while not cheap, remain a good option; and
      • San Diego’s real estate market remains one of the hottest in the U.S.

      Fortune Builders concluded that San Diego boasts a median home value of $608,200 in 2019. Plus, home values could reach $665,000 in 2020. forecast San Diego as amongst the 10 hottest real estate markets in the country for 2019. predicts San Diego in 2019 as “one of the top cities” to live in.???

      The U.S. Real Estate Forecast site states that in 2019 through 2020 San Diego’s real estate market as a “great time to sell”. Also, it’s an “exciting place to live and invest in”. Especially for rental properties investors.

      Also, the Home Buying Institute on July 26, 2019, predicted:

      • California housing markets like San Diego in 2019 cooling down;
      • Home price appreciation slows down;
      • Many cities experiencing home price plateaus or dropping in 2020; and
      • Silicon Valley real estate market crash.

      Yet, San Diego’s home prices rose around 1.8% over the past year. And they predict small gains for San Diego home prices over the next year, around 0.5% growth.

      San Diego currently experiences limited inventory with a steady demand. Expect?San Diego’s home prices to “inch upward” in the rest of 2019 and into 2020.


      City of San Diego Real Estate Spotlight


      City of San Diego Neighborhoods


      San Diego maintains more than 100 neighborhoods. The most popular ones include:


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      San Diego Things to Do


      Trip Advisor recommends these San Diego activities:

      La Jolla Cove La Jolla Cove Beach


      Nature and Parks


      La Jolla Cove

      Rated #1 by 12,745 reviews. Great views, amazing scenery, kids love the experience. Beautiful birds, baby seals, and a clean beach provide a wonderful entire family trip. Watch the surf, view sea lions and seals, look at surfers, and enter sea caves.

      Balboa Park

      Rated #2 by 12,228 reviews for its botanical gardens, a world-class zoo, rose gardens, fountains, 15 great museums, shaded promenades, and cute international cottages for Sunday afternoon viewing.

      San Diego Zoo

      Rated #3 by 26,536 reviewers. Fun for the entire family! Located inside Balboa Park.

      Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

      Ranked #4 by 3,604 reviewers. Marvelous views of the beach and ocean. Lots of trees, rocks, and sand for a wonderful hiking experience. Plenty of parking on the hiking trailhead. Amazing park hillside views.

      Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

      Rated #5 by 1,985 reviews. Enjoy the beauty of nature with terrific beach views. Fabulous sunsets! Beautiful white sand coved beaches with enjoyable tide pools. Incredible rock formations reminding reviewers of Big Sur.

      Point Loma ??????

      Rated #6 by 1,851 reviewers. Contains the famous Cabrillo Monument and the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. Also, the historic Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.

      Torrey Pines State Beach

      Ranked #7 by 304 reviews. View surfers, fishermen, waders, sandcastle makers, shorebirds, and a beautiful beach. Nature walks along the bluffs and Torrey Pine trees. Stunning ocean views.


      San Diego Best Restaurants


      According to Trip Advisor, the following restaurants comprise the best in San Diego for 2019:

      Ambrogio15 ranks #1 as the only 5 Stars (out of 5) rating from 220 viewers. Viewers love their Italian cuisine and pizzas. Many liked the Burrata e Prosciutto Crudo.

      Parma Cucina Italiana ranks as #2 and received 4.5 Stars from 1,083 reviews. Specializes in Northern Italian cuisine. Many reviewers liked their mushroom truffle pasta along with profiteroles with Nutella and pork balsamic entrée.

      Harney Sushi came in 3rd with 4.5 Stars from 401 reviews. Best sushi in the city. Others enjoyed their garlic manchego edamame and the soy truffle.

      Veranda Fireside Lounge & Restaurant ranks #4 receiving 4.5 Stars from 441 reviews.?Reviewers liked their seafood dishes.

      The Lion’s Share ranked #5 and earned 4.5 Stars from 166 reviews. Reviewers liked their boar sausage, elk loin, pork belly, and lamb tongue. Also, many liked the mushroom soup and Poutine.

      Enoteca Adriano comes in as #6 with 4.5 Stars from 287 reviews. Another Italian restaurant where reviewers loved their Bolognese sauce pasta and their creamy Burrata wrapped in prosciutto ham with fig jam dressing.

      Hodad’s ranked #7 with 4.5 Stars from 2,160 reviews. An American foods place where reviewers loved the bacon cheeseburger and other burgers.

      Meze Greek Fusion ranks #8 with 4.5 Stars from 582 reviews. Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with Vegan and Gluten-Free options. Hummus and feta dip along with meatballs especially popular.

      Truluck’s Seafood, Steak and Crab House ranks #9 with 4.5 Stars from 763 reviews. Their fresh scallops, crab, and swordfish dishes most popular.

      Tender Greens ranked #10 with 4.5 Stars from 252 reviews. American vegetarian foods offering healthy and tasty meals.


      City of San Diego Best Schools


      City of San Diego Real Estate Spotlight Schools


      According to the Great Schools Organization site, the following comprise the Best in San Diego for 2019:


      Elementary Schools


      Sage Canyon School received 10 out of 10 Stars. A public K-6 school with around 750 students.

      Creekside Elementary School also got 10 Stars. A public grades K-5 school with around 560 students.

      Scripps Elementary School an equally 10 Stars. A public grades K-5 school with around 750 students.

      Torrey Hills School another 10 Stars ranked public grades 4-6 school with around 570 students.

      Solana Pacific Elementary School also 10 Stars offering public grades 4-6 schooling with around 575 students.


      Middle Schools


      Carmel Valley Middle School got 10 Stars and offers public grades 7-8 with around 1,360 students.?

      Mt. Everest Academy received 10 Stars offering a public school for grades 7-8 with 1,360 students.

      Challenger Middle School receives 9 Stars as a public grades 6-8 school with around 980 students.

      Mesa Verde Middle School earning 9 Stars, a public grades 6-8 with approximately 1,274 students.

      Oak Valley Middle School earned 9 Stars offering public grades 6-8 with around 1,380 students.


      High Schools


      Canyon Crest Academy earning 10 Stars as a public grades 9-12 high school with around 2,250 students.

      Mt. Everest Academy got 10 Stars as a public high school with around 260 students.

      Scripps Ranch High School receiving 10 Stars as a public high school with about 2,370 students.

      Torrey Pines High School earned 10 Stars as a public high school with around 2,600 students.

      Westview High School received 10 Stars as a public high school with around 2,300 students.




      This City of San Diego real estate spotlight focused on a coastal second-largest city in California.

      Features many hills and canyons and three mountains along with a deep water harbor and lots of sun and beaches. ?

      Still ranked as one of America’s hottest real estate markets despite some “cooling” (only 1.8% price hike) trends in 2019. Prices should continue to inch upward into 2020.

      Over 100 different types of neighborhoods to choose from. Great education for your children with:

      • Five 10 Star elementary schools; ?
      • Two 10 Star and three 9 Star middle schools; and
      • Five 10 Star high schools.

      ?Plenty of outdoor activities for your entire family including:

      • Beaches,
      • Parks,
      • Canyons,
      • Mountains,
      • Hiking trails; and a
      • World-famous zoo.

      Many varieties of cuisines offered in the local restaurants. ???????

      San Diego offers plenty for you and your family!

      Contact Us so one of our Realtors can explain the many benefits of relocating to San Diego.

      Steven Rich, MBA – Guest Blogger

      “City of San Diego Real Estate Spotlight”

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